Winnings from a meat raffle

Why go to a Meat Raffle?

Trust me, I had the same questions you did from the very start.  Why should I go to a meat raffle…..?  This doesn’t sound like a good time…….How can winning a package of bacon be fun?

Well I tell you what people…these things are so addictive that I created this website to make sure that everyone is aware of these and has a chance to go!!!

For me, it all started after a 6 month pestering from a close friend in South Buffalo.

They bugged me for months to go to a meat raffle….and I told them all the thoughts from above.  There is no way I am going to this……and I am not alone.

Many of the people that come with me currently had the same opinions.  But once you go to the first one, I guarantee that you will be hooked!!!

 It really does have something for everyone.

You are providing money to an organization that could certainly use it.  If you have a gambling itch, you can make the most out of a cheap night out.

Free beer is always a bigger draw for some of the younger crowds.

All things considered, I wish I knew about these things in college.

IMG_0345And lastly, you can win meat.

I am not saying I have a perfect strategy on things, but I can tell you this…….the 40 dollars that is usually spent at a typical raffle, I would have spent at the bar anyways……and I got more beer.

Bringing in your own snacks like taco dips, cheese / deli trays or whatever you please is widely accepted and encouraged.  ( This is where coming with a crowd really starts to help! )

Certain nights, I can fill half the freezer.

In the heyday of my meat raffle outings…..I didn’t pay for a piece of meat at a grocery store for over a year.

Did this require a standup freezer……yes

Did this pressure me to buy a vacuum sealer…no…..but only because we got one for the holidays

Did I get some awesome winnings throughout the time… bet!

I haven’t bought a turkey for thanksgiving in 3 years!!!!!

IMG_0693All I know is that myself, my friends, and plenty of people we have all met along the way have come to the conclusion that once you get on board with one of these, there is no turning back.

Browse through the website.

Check the calendar for the next upcoming raffle…..

And for organizations looking to find a new fundraiser, please ask me any questions about getting one of these events setup for you.

They are a great cash grab for a one night event!