Mary Queen of Angels Catholic School Meat Raffle Review

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Mary Queen of Angels Catholic School Meat Raffle Review



This one stopped before it ever started for the crew.


There was a limited number of people heading to this raffles, so the group effort was not in place for getting everything for this raffle setup….on our end.  We were made aware of the raffle being sold out just before we were leaving the house by a few different people on both our Facebook page as well as some new followers on Twitter. ( Much Appreciated)

Being that the raffle was taking place in Sloan ( for those of you who don’t know, Sloan is a small community near Harlem and Broadway just outside of Buffalo) which is home to the “World Famous” Sloan Market.  They are providers for a number of meat raffles in the area, and it is no surprise that this one sold out quickly.

This does lead us into a new series of blog posts that will be coming out in over the next few weeks.  We will be offering tips and tricks that we have picked up along the way to help you get ahead in the meat raffle game.

For now………… #spinthatwheel

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