Queen of Heaven Meat Raffle Review

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Queen of Heaven Meat RaffleWith 5 meat raffles going on this past Saturday around Buffalo and Western New York, we chose to attend the Queen of Heaven meat raffle as it was the closest to home base.

Usually, we tend to go to a meat raffle with a large table of people, but with our group decimated by prior engagements, birthdays, honey-moons and other really quite lame excuses, there were only 3 of us who attended.

We have gone to this raffle before and have always had a decent time.  There was a limited line of people when we got there as the doors opened, so finding a seat and a table was not an issue.  This was a free admission raffle, which was a great bonus.  The Intermission Raffles and Finale Raffle tickets were available at the front table.

There were a few reserved tables available and we found a seat near the front.  Free beer was served, with Molson Light and Coors light both available.  Small snack plates of chips were also readily available.

The raffles wen on without a hitch.  Plenty of tickets each round being sold, as well as a solid pace.  The Intermission Raffle was your one + ticket and 68 spins.  After 6 more normal rounds, the Finale Tickets were in play with almost 80 spins occurring.

As you can see from the photo above, we didn’t do too shabby at the end, winning a total of 8 times i believe.


Once again, the Queen of Heaven Meat Raffle does not disappoint, and gets the best rating we could give.


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