Review of the Shredd & Ragan Variety Club Raffle

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This was a first attempt at a meat raffle by both Shredd & Ragan from 103.3 The Edge as well as the Variety Club.

It was clear upon talking to them on Tuesday of that week that there were some major flaws that needed to be corrected.  All things considered, the raffle was the best of a bad situation.

The hall was a little on the small side considering the promotion that the meat raffle was receiving on the radio.  The hall was also quite a ways out in Lancaster, which could have certainly hindered some people from attending.  We arrived at about 630 and the parking lot was already quite full.  Presale tickets were available and we certainly took advantage of that.  Getting in and getting seats was not a problem.

The spacing of the table however seemed to turn into quite an issue.  The tables were not far enough apart to let ticket runners down the aisles.  The hit the heads of the tables as best they could, but there was certainly not enough room to effectively buy and get tickets.  One set of friends ended up leaving early as they had gotten a chance to buy tickets in 3 rounds.  This also was the cause of the slow ticket selling process.

The meat selection was not bad, having 3 winners per round.  the downfall here was that the tickets were only good for one spin as opposed to the 2,3 or sometimes 4 spins. Only having the ability to buy 1 ticket also severely limited the the chances of winning.  Gone was the advantage of getting 3 tickets to better the chances.

The food was solid with a sandwich and the beer did not run out throughout the event.  The raffle did drag a little throughout, and by the finale, only 1/3 of the original audience remained.

This was certainly not the best raffle we have attended, but after talking with Shredd, Ragan, and Liz from Variety Club, we can be sure that the fall raffle will be much better.  The original plan i feel would have been a whole lot worse and i appreciate everyone involved taking our observations and ideas into consideration.

Above all else, it got me a chance to talk about meat raffles on the radio!  Here’s the link again.

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  1. I’m trying to put together a meat raffle for North Tonawanda Athletic Association cheerleading and I need for information please. Who do I contact to do the auctioneer part? Who is the best person to contact for the meat? Is there a company that does both? Please Help!! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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