Vigilant Fire Hall Meat March 2014 Raffle Review

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Vigilant Fire Hall Meat March 2014 Raffle Review

The next Vigilant Hall Meat Raffle in West Seneca is coming up!

That is why we are posting a review from the last meat raffle there.

This one starts early and fills up quickly, and there was standing room only.

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Several of us decided at the last minute to hit up the Spring raffle at Vigilant Fire in West Seneca.


Doors opened at 5 and some of us arrived early.


Good thing we did because it was nearly sold out in reservations. We were definitely running against the devil. Because most seats were reserved, they asked if we wanted to sit in the bar area away from the actual hall. We figured might as well jump at that.


The bar ran out of pitchers early (luckily we got one) but this was to be expected with such a high turnout. Instead of collecting dollars, we had to exchange them for poker chips. I’m not a fan of this but ain’t talking about love here.


Tickets were easy to come by even though everybody wanted some. With only 2 tables in the bar area (us and another group), we needed to make sure our eruption was loud enough when we won.


As always, Vigilant was and excellent time and oh yeah, we will be hitting it up in the Fall.



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  1. I’m trying to put together a meat raffle for North Tonawanda Athletic Association cheerleading and I need for information please. Who do I contact to do the auctioneer part? Who is the best person to contact for the meat? Is there a company that does both? Please Help!! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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