Review of the AmVets Post 72 Spring Meat Raffle

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With a few raffles to choose from last night, our group decided to venture to the Blasdell / Lackawanna area instead of the raffle on Walden.

We came with a strong group of 14 people or so, giving us more than enough opportunity to win.  There was a small wait at the door, as the process was not as streamlined as most.  That is about the only complaint that we had with this meat raffle.  There was not a full house when the wheel started spinning, but certainly a solid number of people attending.  We had reserved a table ( a practice that his highly recommended when coming with groups) so seating was the least of our worries.

Killians and Coors Light were the beers of choice for night, with glasses of wine also being served, for a fee from what i was told.  We made sure that we had enough beverages to start the night as well as enough change.  

The raffle went at a torrid pace!!!  Ok, maybe not torrid, but we were impressed at the amount of rounds, and prizes given in the time frame.  The first spin started at 7, which was promptly won by our table.  Overall, as a group we fared pretty well, getting more than our fair share of the prizes coming out.  Only two people, Rich and Vanessa were the ones walking away empty handed.

The 50/50 was over $300 by the time it was drawn, and the other smaller door prizes were a great break in the action.

We were sure that we had been to this raffle before, and it did not disappoint yet again.  Lots of winnings, free beer, a sandwich and early out time all lead to a great night in meat raffle lore!

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  1. I’m trying to put together a meat raffle for North Tonawanda Athletic Association cheerleading and I need for information please. Who do I contact to do the auctioneer part? Who is the best person to contact for the meat? Is there a company that does both? Please Help!! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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